Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sorry for the long delay!

I have to start off saying, I apologize for my absence and not updating my blog, as a blogger it is my responsibility to update, in order to keep it interesting. So I'm going to try to update as often as I can.

I'm so excited, because I have a lot of fun cakejects coming up and want to share some of the process and pics of the cakes with you. I've been kind of busy lately, every weekend in March I had a cake or two, lack of sleep and determination was in full swing. I was very excited and nervous about the outcome so I hope you like them, and your comments are always welcome!

This cake was a referral from my mom, her beautician wanted some type of gamer or electronic cake for her son, I had butterflies, like I always do, during the making of this cake. The Ipad was made out of pastillage, fondant, airbrushed, and each app was hand painted.

First birthday cakes are always exciting to make, I told my two good friends I was going to make their son's cakes, and the princess was a referral by my intern Mia.

Baby Bjorn's First Birthday, figurine was hand sculpted.

Baby Judah's First Birthday, lion was hand sculpted.

A First Birthday cake for Princess Makayla

This next cake was for princess Sierra, her mom was also a referral from a good friend, I was asked to do a pull apart cupcake cake, Huh! I had never heard of a pull apart cupcake, so I had to do some serious research, of course I didn't mind, because I'm always on the internet search for ideas and inspiration. And this is what I was asked to do.

Without the cupcake castle

With the cupcake castle

I truly liked the outcome, a lot of airbrushing and coloring buttercream.

This final cake was a surprise for a really good friend, moving to Texas to get married, I was so excited that the theme was "Bling" and I had free reign over the design, I was excited and nervous at the same time, as this was my very first big cake for 250 people, I had a lot of bumps getting it descent looking, but the future bride was so happy it. The bling sugarpaste poppies were made 3 weeks before, I learned how to make them from a class taught by Ron Ben Israel at Caljava. It was the best experience, I suggest any cake decorator to take a class whenever you can. 

Well, this is all I have for now, hope you like them!